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“If she were a chef, her spice cabinet would need re-stocking daily. Bernard seasons her material to taste and cooks with a high flame.” – Mark Keating, Sound Views

From a review of my second CD Coney Island Mojo. It was in a magazine, so it must be true! (Oh, and by the way, I am not Donna Summer’s sister. That’s the other Mary Ellen Bernard.)


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Monologue: “Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe” – It took a long time to embrace being a character actor. Now that I’m older, maybe I’m finally getting over myself.


Monologue: “I Feel Bad About My Neck” – Nora Ephron put on paper what many women were thinking, and made it truer and funnier. Thank you, Nora. We all miss your voice.


News-Talk Panelist: “Melissa Harris-Perry” – This was for real. As an adjunct lecturer and member of the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace University, I appeared on the MSNBC news program “Melissa Harris-Perry” discussing the working conditions of adjunct college professors. I teach the course “How the Entertainment Business Works.” (How does it work? As I say to my students: “I’m really not sure. No one is.”)


Television Commercial: Staples – My high school drama teacher once told me, in her “we-are-not-amused” voice, “you have a very expressive face.” Whatever inappropriate thought I was thinking had registered a little too visibly for the non-theatrical circumstances. But the habit became an asset for future silent bits. Here’s my reaction shot in this ensemble commercial for Staples.


Musical Performance: Fez, New York City – At the now-defunct Fez in New York city featuring Chris Botti on trumpet with Paul Guzzone on guitar and Marshal Rosenberg on percussion. This stunning song has music by actor Jonathan Hogan and lyrics by playwright Lanford Wilson. Sidney Myer, at the time Booking Manager for the cabaret Don’t Tell Mama, suggested it as a perfect song for me and I still thank him for it. Jonathan and Chris were also on this bill.


Musical Performance: WVIA in Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA – Performing my song “Good with His Hands” with my husband and co-writer Paul Guzzone.


Stand-up Comedy: The Comic Strip, New York, NY – They say do what you’re most afraid of. Since I absolutely refused to jump out of a plane I chose stand-up, which is about as terrifying. Here’s my set at The Comic Strip, the culmination of several months of workshops with the terrific comedian and television writer – and wonderfully patient teacher – Gabe Abelson. (Yes, this was back in the “big hair” days.)


Yes, I played The Victim on L&O. People would say: "Didn't I just see you in a pool of blood?"

Yes, I played The Victim on L&O. People would say: “Didn’t I just see you in a pool of blood?”

Mary Ellen Bernard Review Quotes

“Mary Ellen Bernard’s expressive face is the funniest on stage. She plays a confused girl in love, and her features tell the story hilariously.” 
Show Business review, The Servant of Two Masters at Stage II

“Take Mary Ellen Bernard, playing a pregnant bride singing ‘Waiting at the Church’ and then ‘Now I Have to Call Him Father,’ a funny song about a girl whose lover married her mother. She’s beautiful. You can’t stop laughing.”
Asbury Park Press review, A Little of What You Fancy at Zapert’s Dinner Theater

“The original cast stand-out is a small blonde name Mary Ellen Bernard. She does a touching number called ‘Sell No More Drink to My Father,’ and she also plays a very pregnant bride left at the altar. Both numbers are standouts.”
Ocean County Reporter review, A Little of What You Fancy at Zapert’s Dinner Theater

“Mary Ellen Bernard, a pert blonde who looks and sounds every bit like she just emerged from a West End pub, completely charms with such unlikely songs as ‘Now I Have to Call Him Father,’ ‘Waiting at the Church’ and ‘Sell No More Drink to My Father.’
– Backstage review, A Little of What You Fancy at The No Smoking Playhouse

“Mary Ellen Bernard’s rendering of ‘Getting Married Today’ was a manic pleasure.”
City Express review, Company at The Heights Players

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