Triple Z Music

Music … can name the unnamable, and communicate the unknowable.”
 – Leonard Bernstein

For more than a decade Triple Z Music owners Paul Guzzone and Mary Ellen Bernard have been helping clients use music to create a mood, define an image, inspire and motivate.

A full-service music production company with experience in global business events, advertising and promotion, theatrical production, and event entertainment, Triple Z Music offers musical creative consulting, custom songs and scores, musical talent sourcing, musical directing and more.

As one of the most respected composer-producers in the events field Paul Guzzone has created everything from award-winning sound designs for Chevrolet to large-scale spectacles inspired by exotic locales for IBM. His music has been heard at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show and the 2013 North American International Auto Show; at the Big Apple Circus; on Showtime, Comedy Central and CNN International; and in commercials for Trident, Dannon and numerous other products.

With contacts all over the world and a background encompassing songwriting and recording as well as live concerts and theater, Paul and Mary Ellen can create the right mood for the right moment for the right client. They’ll dream up an unforgettable musical segment, create a can’t-stop-humming-it original theme song, or just find the best party band ever.